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Due to the pandemic/crisis that haunts the world, and thinking about the health of our employees, customers and collaborators, we regret to inform that the trips to take place in April are now officially canceled. May trips will be on stand by (waiting) until the official positioning of the Indonesian government


We are using this opportunity to make Maki even more pleasant and safe for you to enjoy when this is all over!


We would like to remind you that cancelled trips will be rescheduled free of charge and none of our customers will miss out on the chance of living this experience.


Maki Boat is the result of a lot of effort and courage from a group of surfers who were never afraid to face challenges. With the help and understanding of our customers/friends we will win this battle and everything will be back to normal!


Stay tuned for news.


Maki Boat Group

UPDATE July 2020

We are back in Business and open for travellers coming from Indonesia from July 2020, then travellers from overseas from October 2020 using a special e-visa which we can help organize  :)
Check below the video of our first trip back in the islands, it took place between 11th to 23rd of July 2020 and we scored dreamy uncrowded waves day after day!

Second Update - Feb 2021

Nobody could have scripted this, but against all odds, COVID persists to limit the world's mobility until now. The rules are changing fast, but at this point international visitors are required to pre-arrange a special B221a Visa and quarantine for 5 days in Jakarta upon entry in Indonesia. We understand that this adds great hassle and costs to the trip and are already expecting to need to reschedule the trips again unless these requirements are lifted in time. 

If you find yourself currently in Indonesia, it looks like we have another Corona season around the corner, make it count.

Why Maki Boat

We have joined our 13 years of experience in Mentawai with the most amazing vessel we could find. At 105ft of classic luxury, Maki is the perfect berth to allow you to tick that box. 


At Maki we don't have customers, we make friends. We aim to deliver something that can never be taken away from you: memories of epic days of surfing with your crew.


Our Happy Place

There are many incredible surf destinations in the world, but it is a known fact that nothing comes close to what you can find in Mentawai. The archipelago shelters an unimaginable number of perfect line-ups, with crystal clear waters at 25˚C.

Lefts, Rights, Hollow, Mushy, Long, Short. There is no place on the planet with such variety and quality. Mentawai is the perfect place for surf progression and for pure fun alike

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