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     Our ground staff will be waiting for you at Padang’s airport, Sumatra. The passengers will be taken to either a hotel, restaurant or surf shop until the boat gets ready to leave, usually after sunset. The board bags and big cases are taken straight to the boat, part of the preparation for the crossing to Mentawai.

     The crossing takes around 10 to 14 hours over the mentawai straight. From that on you spend 11 days chasing most of the best waves on the planet. Lefts, rights, mushy, hollow, long, short, a true playground for all levels of surfers, from beginners to professional. You will be surfing waves like Macaronis, Hollow Trees, E-Bay, Rifles, Hideaways, No Kandui, Nipussi, Greenbush, Thunders, among many perfect spots in the islands. There are more than a hundred spots, a couple for almost any possible condition of swell, wind and tide. They are spread out in 4 main surf zones. The surf guide will present the best option for that zone and the group can decide where to surf.

          We usually sleep in a calm, protected anchorage. Early in the morning the boat is already in front of a spot according to the forecast. You can jump right in our dinghy and be dropped close to the peak. The water is transparent and warm, bring your snorkel and enjoy many cool reefs.

     The breakfast comes with fruits, cereal, granola, milk, juice, coffee, bread, butter, cheese, jam, eggs. Scrambled eggs and pancakes are served mid-morning. Snacks, pop-corn and cold drinks, including the famous Bintang, the local beer.

     Meals with a lot of fish, shrimp, squid, chicken, meat. Traditional Brazilian and Indo food pushing to healthy recipes. After dinner we all seat and watch the pictures from the day.

      Come enjoy the Mentawai Islands with us…



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