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Travel Tips

• Please check if your passport is valid and that it will have, at least 6 months at your entry date in Indonesia. Some airlines won't let you board the plane without that. Make some copies of your passport and keep them in different places.

• Double check your flights, especially the one arriving in Padang, Sumatra, from where the boat leaves. Make sure you have sent all your flight details to . You need to land in Padang by 4pm on departure day.

• Please check online for the most current surfboard baggage policies. And remember to keep your baggage tickets as airport staff may ask to see these in order for you to exit the terminal with your boards.

• Comprehensive Travel Insurance with Trip Cost Protection is highly recommended.

Travel insurance with inclusion for Medivac is mandatory. Please bring a printed copy of your policy with the insurer's contact details.


• Definitely do purchase a local SIM card. We recommend Telkomsel. For only $10 you get the SIM with enough internet credit for your whole stay. While aboard Maki in Mentawai you get very limited signal, but you may be able to send and receive messages in certain locations. While in Padang you get 4G network. You can purchase it at the airport on arrival.

• Please bring with your $75 in cash to cover the Mentawai tax. This is not for us, it is a fee that was introduced by Mentawai's governor which requires each surfer to pay 1 Million Rupiah (around US$75) upon visiting the region. Guests will pay it in Padang with cash money and a receipt will be provided.
You can find more info on the matter in this Surfline article

• Absolutely no drugs of any kind tolerated. Foreigners caught with drugs may face capital punishment or life imprisonment.

• Your flight out of Padang needs to depart from 10am in the last day of your trip. 

About getting to Padang - Sumatra

All major airlines fly to Indonesia. The major hub points to reach Padang are from Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Please double check your flights and if your airline charges for the boards.

Note that you may have to stay overnight at one of the major cities before your flight to Padang. Our ground staff will be waiting for you at Padang's airport with a sign with the name of your boat (Maki). It is important that you send us your flight details as soon as you have them so we can organise your transport. do let us know if you would like assistance booking your flights, we are happy to help!

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